Adventure Sports

Day Hikes

Possibilities for day hikes are enormous all over Bhutan. Whether it is a short one or two hours walk or a strenuous hike for a whole day, small chortens, little monasteries, beautiful lakes and gorges or enchanting Bhutanese village along the route will always be rewarding you for your efforts.

Rafting & kayaking

Rafting and Kayaking in Bhutan is at its initial stages, but has the potential for some of the best white water sports on earth. Amazing vegetation and wildlife along the rivers house high boulders within the rivers make Rafting and Kayaking in Bhutan to an awesome adventure.

Mountain Biking

Only a couple of hundred mountain bikers have so far come to Bhutan to bike up to lonely Chortens, picturesque Bhutanese villages or beautiful lakes. Since the foundation of the Bhutan Mountain Biking Club, new routes are discovered every year and trails are increasingly being improved and signposted!


The Royal Thimphu Golf Course is a challenging nine holes (par 33 golf) course beautifully set up between Thimphu’s Tashicho Dzong and the views of spectacular mountains. The course’s water hazards are man made and is strategically placed for a challenging game on the narrow fairways. . A different set of tees for the back nine makes it a great double round of 18 holes. The restaurant at the golf course is said to be one of the best in Thimphu


Bhutan is one of the last unexplored fishing destinations in the world. Here, you will experience the unique joy of fishing in beautiful trout streams that blend harmoniously with mountains and cultural scenes. Fishing in the crystal clear rivers set against breathtaking landscape is what every angler dreams for. About forty species have been recorded, with new species discovered every year. Fishing spots range from large rivers to crystal clear spring-fed streams. Altitudes range from a low of 1,200 m. to 3,000m. The most common varieties are the snow trout and the brown trout. The best times for fishing are in spring (March to May) and fall (September to November).


The rules and rates for filming in Bhutan differ from that of the normal treks and tours. Tourists or professionals’ intent on filming in Bhutan must abide by the Bhutan Filming Regulations, 1995, available with implementing agency, the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

(The regulation does not apply to feature and cinematographic films)

Applications for a filming permit must be submitted to the Tourism Authority of Bhutan at least 30 days in advance. The application must be accompanied by: Synopsis of the film – theme/ background/objective/purpose. Specific location/objects/activities. Composition of the team and list of equipment, accessories/consumables (members of the team will have to pay the full daily tourist tariff)

Letter of recommendation from sponsoring agency (Application forms can be obtained from the Tourism Authority of Bhutan on payment of Nu.300 or equivalent of US$ 10)

Filming Royalty

  • First 30 minutes or part thereof – US$ 10,000.
  • Next 30 minutes or part thereof – US$ 60,000.
  • Every additional 30 minutes or part thereof – US$ 3000

In addition a security deposit of US$ 5,000 must be deposited with the Tourism Authority of Bhutan. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of the film to the satisfaction of the Tourism Authority of Bhutan.

Bhtan Footprints

Trekking Information

Trekking Seasons

Trekking Area 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Bumthang X X S S S S M M S S S X
Gantey S S S S S S M M S S S S
Samteygang S S S S S S M M M S S S
Lingshi/Laya X X S M S S S S M X X X
Lunana Snowman X X S M S S S S M X X X
Gasa Hot Springs S S S S S M M M M S S S
Jhomolari X X S S S S M M S S X X
Druk Path X X S S S S M M S S S X
Dagala X X S S S S M M S S X X

S= good Season
M = moderate weather (chances of rain)
X = Closed due to snow

Personal Equipment checklist


  • Trekking or running shoes
  • Camp shoes or slipper
  • Socks: polypropylene


  • Down or Fiber- filled jacket
  • Jumper/ Pile jacket
  • Hiking shorts for man and woman
  • Waterproof jacket, Umbrella
  • Hiking pants
  • T-shirts or Blouses

Other Equipments

  • Rucksack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Torch (Flash light) Batteries & bulb

Miscellaneous Items

  • Toilet articles
  • Toilet paper and wet tissue (Optional)
  • Cigarette lighter if you are smoking (Have to pay 200% tax)
  • Sun block
  • Small Knife
  • Towel
  • Laundry soap (Optional)
  • Medical & first aid kit
  • Sewing kit (Optional)


  • Camera & lenses
  • Lens cleaning equipments
  • Film (15 rolls) it depends if your photographer better carry more

Above 4000 meters treks:


  • Mountain trekking boots
  • Socks, Wool, to wear with boots
  • Socks, light cotton, for under wool socks

Other Equipments

  • Global positioning system
  • An altimeter

Miscellaneous Items

  • Book for reading while waiting for planes or at the camp
  • Duffel bag with a pad lock, some stuff sacks and lot of plastic bags
  • A small duffel bag or suitcase to leave your city clothes
  • Sunglasses or Goggles
  • Sun block/lip guard