Dear Daza,
A week after coming back from your beautiful country, I have to say I'm still under some kind of "Himalayan spell" and have been reading and watching movies on Bhutan, Tibet, Ladakh, Sikkim… A brand new Asian world for me!
Thank you very much for the wonderful service provided by your company before and during our stay in Bhutan. Namgay was a really great guide and we certainly appreciated the flexibility, right amount of information provided and good sense of humor. Neither José nor I are used to travel on a tour and we were therefore a bit anxious how it would be like!
Thank you also for your patience throughout all the email exchanges and plans changes prior to our arrival. And for taking the time to join the dinner on our last evening in Thimphu - always good to associate a face to a (thousand) email! We will definitely be back in Bhutan and will contact you again then - I guess that says it all about our degree of satisfaction :)
In the meantime, I would like to wish you and your team all the best, including many successful tours.
Warm regards from rainy Vientiane!
Ana, May 2016